Organized crime syndicates in the country of Greece and The United States. Most of the organizations in America operate alongside Italian-American families such as the Lucchese, Genovese and Gambino Crime Family up until 2001, when associates of the Gambinos, Anthony Moscatiello, Tony Ferrari, and James Fiorillo had murdered several members such as Gus Boulis, owner of SunCruz Casinos, in south Florida. The Greek-Americans operate mostly in areas on the east coast such as Boston, Philadelphia, and Queens, New York where the Valentzas Family and other groups allegedly control underground casinos and gambling rackets. Tarpon Springs, Florida is also home to many Greek-American groups such as the Pappas Family. There are unrelated organizations in Greece, predominantly on the islands of Cyprus, Crete and Chios.
by JCrisco February 03, 2010
Top Definition
A mafia which is predominantly Greek and Cypriot. Considered one of the best Mafia's know due to not a lot of publicity on the mafia such as the Italian mafia and the Russian mafia.

Based in Greece (duh)has turf in other places like Philadelphia, Astoria NY, Chicago and Toronto.
The Greek mafia is so good no one has even heard about them.
by D-rizzlethe third from crookly December 04, 2008
the ''ikoyennia'' (the family)
NY boss: Pericles Diamantopoulos
Houston boss: Andreas Kouvalakis
bootlegg liquor, gambling, diners, stripclubs
"adelfia" (brothers, associates, soldiers):
Nassos Papaspiratos, Dino Kouvalakis, Tony Hadzimenos, Billy Krifakis, Theo Manolakis, Manny Tsiklou, Strato Kleftoulas, Micheal Vergoitis.
Hold meetings in Greek churches to avoid FBI survellience, have many political members in City Hall. Kouvalakis is from the island of Patmos, in greece.
by forty from queens February 05, 2010
A gang devoted to reeking havock in the country of Greece. see mafia peri gmak
"Where are you from?"

"Greece, don't mess with me i'm in the mafia. my uncle is coming to kill you. man i need braces. oh wait..."

"greek mafia? wow."
by periluvr August 17, 2006
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