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The Great Spaz Pact of 2004:

Hereby reads: Whichever party makes the opposing party "spaz" is deemed the victor and receives one pie of his/her choice.

Clause 1: The spaz has to happen in the presence of the opposing party.
Clause 2: The spaz must be a direct action from the opposing party.
Clause 3: No third party help can be accepted.
Clause 4: Cheesecake is considered a pie.
Clause 5: If one party falls terribly behind and loses one (1) or more contests the opposing party must show mercy in the form of hints.
Clause 6: This contract stays into effect until both parties deem otherwise.
Clause 7: This contract goes into effect on July 19th 2004.
Jennifer will win the Spaz Pact and claim her victory of a cheesecake, mwahahaha
by Jennifer July 21, 2004