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Great River is the Richest town by median house value of the Islips. If you live in Great River chances are that you are extremely rich. People act like it is a park, chances are if you see a person on the streets of Great River and they aren't what appears to be their property they are just sightseeing, Nobody in this community is Black or Hispanic, and seeing a person of that race is considered extremely rare and is the equivalent of seeing a Giraffe in NYC. Theres only 2 companies that reside in Great River, The Great River Deli and Tedesco's Trattoria. The Great River Deli makes the Best Chicken Bacon Bombers in all of the Islips and you will never see anybody at Tedesco's Trattoria. Great River Kids go to the East Islip School Districts Schools and have a tendency to dress prepie and have huge parties in their backyards. They are known to drive expensive cars around such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes, and Bmw.
Did you see that kid in that Lamborghini?
Yeah I did...
Must be one of those damn Great River kids
by The Lesser Half June 13, 2009
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