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A cheesey rip-off of the woderful 1979 GREASE.
It pretty much repeats the same story over, except the guy is Australlian and the girl is a Pink Lady wannabe. I'm serious. They try waaaaaay too hard to be cool. An actual extract from one of the songs, with a pink lady solo:
"The Pink Lady plege: To act coooooool, to look cooooool, and to beeeeeeeee coooooool! To death do us part! Think! Pink!"
-Grease 2
Who says "Think pink" anymore? Barbie, maybe. But not the Pink Ladies.
And one more thing:
The T-Birds TRY OUT for the TALENT SHOW!!!!!
The T-Birds would NEVER audition for a Talent Show, that's one thing I have for sure.
Grease 2 is not as good as Grease.
by IsThisCleverEnough? March 13, 2009
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