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"Gray Ghost" is the fan nickname for the Danny/Valerie coupling in the popular TV show Danny Phantom.

Even with the most popular pairing Danny/Sam Ametyst Ocean, and the lest popular Danny/Paulina, aka Swallow Sapphire

This pair seemed to be impossible after Valerie turning Danny down in 'Flirting with Disaster', and with Danny seemingly over her after 'Double Cross My Heart,' but that will never stop the fans.

Each shipper to their pairing
Each pairing to their show
May there be many fanfics
So all the world will know
You love your ship very much
and hope for it to grow.
Gray Ghost shown in:

Flirting with Disaster-- Majorly
Reign Storm-- Very Slight
Double Cross my Heart-- Only in the way beginning.
by Shipper Anon. August 04, 2006
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