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A man who is the eldest in the group. Similar to the alpha silverback gorilla.

A man who uses his age as a means of asserting intellectual dominance or excusing one's self for going to bed early.
Cory: "Is Mike coming out with us tonight?"

Josh: "No, he is being a gray bush."

Cory: "Right"
by 24/7 get the gear April 08, 2010
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Word used to address the elderly. Even if the person is not that old, but practices old person behavior.
Whatever graybush, you're too old to hang out with us.
by Ace Baritone January 17, 2009
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a male born in the 70's who now makes sexual advances on weak minded and easily manipulated women who were born in the very late 80's or very early 90's. by the women doing this and sleeping with him she is forsaking all of her friends and family. these men are easily to spot and are over weight, have long nappy hair that isn't taken care of and is covered in badly done tattoos. typically men like this are beaten mercilessly when they make an attempt at a confrontation but some have slipped through the cracks or are protected by a stupid technicality
she dumped my ass and now she's with a gray bush

by unstopable fury February 27, 2009
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