The meaning of the word GravyKing is someone who sits on the computer or xbox all day and faps, he has no real friends except one, He is a cool friend but is a lump on a log! One of the most boring people i have every gotten the opportunity to speak with.
Hey bobby do you see that fat man over there? (Bobby) No he isnt a fat man thats just a GravyKing, They always look like that, Boring, lazy, xbox prone, and hungry. (Jimmy) Oh ok he kinda looks scary! Lets get out of here!
by Babydoll September 08, 2012
Top Definition
a hero of the times who appears once every million yrs to spread joy across the ladies. His Rico Suave and cunning style keeps the women of the world overly aroused. Besides that he is one cool mofo, something like shaft, who is usually great in size and has the swag of a god. He is greatly praised by his peers because of his awesomeness. Let it be known that he is most often spreading his gravy over some girl who hasn't been pleased by their man while slow jams play.
"Hey Chad I'm sorry about you and Mary." "No Biff its ok I couldn't make her wet so she found The GravyKing to moisten up her turkey and I have accepted that."
by Gravy K Jones September 07, 2012
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