a. A person, usually male, who is addicted to marijuana. 6. pothead

b. A person who has signed up for the website http;//www.whatthefuck.com under "Grasshead."
a. Look at that grasshead, smoking 24/7

b. Hi, I'm grasshead.
by Alan December 05, 2004
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Top Definition
Adj. A person who obsesses over the health of their grass. They spend 110% of their time and money using fertilizers, watering their lawns, and keeping weeds away while treating their lawns like Newborn Babies. They hate dry patches and dog crap. Often you will see them with sprinklers constantly on, shooing people from the grass. After years, one may develop the rare Grass Brain Disease.
Oh my gosh! Mr. Smite is watering his lawn AGAIN! Just another Grass Head on Ray Drive!
by Spirit Girl September 08, 2010

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