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A type of fart that occurs when a small amount of gas, usually the size of a small seedless grape, passes through the ring meat. Typically grape farts are odorless, rare, and silent and require unique position of legs and ass cheeks to occur. Studies show to increase the frequency of grape farts, limit intake of gaseous foods. ie, beans, broccoli, meat.
While on the way to the beach in Kevin's new truck, Scott has an "up-to-no-good" smile.

Kevin: Hey Ass-clown.... What's your deal?

Scott: Nothing, I just farted

Kevin: AWWWWW MAN!!! Thats not right! This is my NEW RIDE!
(Kevin rolls down the windows)

Scott: Chill....its just a grape fart.

Kevin: Oh...ok
by Key-Lime February 15, 2010

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