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Grape Kool-Aid is the offical best flavor and the most favorited by the ghetto.
Guy: Dude, get me some Grape Kool-Aid that's the shit.
by HELLOKA June 01, 2011
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Grape Kool-Aid is what you drink when it kind of some Sherwood, Oak Alley kind of stuff, your a bit crazy in the head and throw the duece real high.
"What are you smiling? You think this is funny?"

"Well it's kind of on some Sherwood, Oak Alley kind of stuff"
"Why did you do it?"
"Yeah, I'm a bit crazy in the head"
"Are you on drugs?"
"No, I just throw the duce real high, grape Kool-Aid!"
by Fuck The Wizard May 26, 2009
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