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Old Men(perferably over 50) engaged in sexual activity dressed up as Old Lady's
I was totally into that old lady till I found out she was a granny tranny
by Surg May 31, 2006
70 28
A transmission with a low gear (granny gear), usually used on trucks and other towing vehicles, to make it easy to take off on a hill with a heavy load.
This truck has a granny tranny so it's easy to learn how to drive stick shift with it.
by Eaglescout1984 January 14, 2009
21 6
When your nan gets a cock sewed on to her.
Man, your nan has a big bulge! does she use a cushion for her fanny pad? No, she has no fanny, she's a granny-tranny!
by Bill the Fish August 13, 2006
18 14
military tank vehicle
"bucketed bosting a granny tranny"
by noixz January 14, 2009
6 4
an old man who in his photo or in person appears to be female, and folks who don't know the subject cannot determine his gender.
Dude, when I saw your photo online I thought you were a woman!!! You granny tranny!!!
by dusano December 10, 2008
8 7