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1. A class taken by older people often at a college or senior center. It can be anything: exercise, macrome, art, and etc.

2. A class taught by a grandma. Most notably by Mrs. Opal Crankshaft who homeschools her grandson, Nelson, as a substitute teacher for her husband, Earl.
Opal: (coming into the room) Hey Nelson, are you ready for your Grandma Class?

Nelson: (with a shocked expression) What's a Grandma Class?

Opal: Well, its a class that's taught by grandmas. You'll love it, its fun!

Nelson: Where's Grandpa Earl?

Opal: He couldn't be here. He's gone to a Grandma Class of his own at the senior center. I'm his substitute. Come on, let's go get busy. This is gonna rock!!

Nelson: I think I'm going to like this class. I get to hang out with my Grandma!

Opal: Well, grandmas are the best teachers!
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 25, 2011
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