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The most fun/addicting/best/controvercial videogame ever.
any kid who hasent ever played a Grand Theft Auto game has never lived!
by Greg B September 17, 2005
118 40
The leading cause of divorce.
Hang on honey i just killed my fifth hooker on Grand Theft Auto.
by Da Hudge77 October 15, 2009
75 12
One of the greatest games ever fucking made
the fucking supreme court banning it
by Shut the fuck up October 15, 2003
95 52
The black man's national sport.
Little Johnny saw two black man compete in some grand theft auto.
by Angry Rhino July 01, 2009
67 35
A man's cover up for masterbating.
"Hey man, wanna hang out?"

"Sorry dude I am playing grand theft auto"
by prank phoen call August 23, 2009
51 20
1. n. Crime of car theft. Felony or equivalent in most societies.
2. n. Series of free-form action video games famous for violence, language and other decidedly adult material, making it both popular and controversial.
3. n. Party game in which one person plays the game while others in the room give excited commentary/mock interviews in the vein of "World's Scariest Police Chases" of the action.
4. adj. relating to a series of shockingly violent actions in rapid succession.
1. Mr. Douglas, this court finds you guilty of four counts of Grand Theft Auto.
2. I like Grand Theft Auto, but I won't let my 6-year-old play it.
3. We're playing Grand Theft Auto. Mike's on the game, I'm John Walsh, and you're the police lieutenant.
4. You boys be quiet before I go Grand Theft Auto on all of you.
by Badger May 24, 2006
48 17
1. The crime of stealing a car.

2.The best thing to happen to videogames ever.

3. A Pasttime like this, America=Baseball Mexico= Grand Theft Auto
Mexico + Boredm = Grand Theft Auto!!!
by Niakoali Kheshkepolvy August 17, 2005
54 32