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The Act Of Where Youre Not Aware that you are performing acts in real life that resemble ideas or depictions from any grand theft auto game. often happens when a new grand theft auto comes out or you have played grand theft auto in excess of more then 8 hours in one day.

1. Running against a wall and not moving anywhere (AKA getting stuck on a wall)

2. Taking a base ball bat and hitting the ground in repetive pattern, often associated with the bomp bopm bomp bomp sound your bat makes.

3. Taking a bicycle or a 1982 el camino and trying to jump of mountains named after mexican dishes.

4. Trying to open a Police Cruiser's door by shaking the handle twice then running.

5. Jacking a vehicle by punching some one twice in the head then ripping them out of the vehicle throwing them to the ground and occasionaly hopping over the gear box while saying something along the lines of "I need this"

6. when youre getting ready to get hit by a vehicle you might yell something that has no purpose "Cheezy Vaginas"

7. Payng for a hooker, letting her get out and run her over with said vehicle and picking your money back up.

8. jumping walking or running abnormaly as if you are half human half gorilla.

9. having the thought of if you die you can just start over at your nearest hospital.

10. anytime something unfortunate occurs, you are the first to yell WASTED...

11. Having Weapons Appear In Your Hands when you press the D pad to your life.
12. picking up empty coffee cups or brigs of the ground and throwing them at people.

13. having a reticule for when your aiming with a gun.

14. jump of buildings and parkour roll and only lose a little bit of your health bar. later on looking for a health pack that instantly wounds to broken knees and 12 guage shotgun wounds from the police when you stole his ride.

15. exspecting a purple dildo in the jail bathrooms.

16. look right then left then right again right before you smash the window of that silver porshce you always wanted to take for a spin.

17. inviting a whole bunch of your friends to gang wars, and let them run rampent in the streets.

18. stealing commercial airliners and listening to Rod Stewart while terroist attacking pirate's in men's pants.

19. doing drive by's on golf carts

20. killing thirty cops two helicoptors a couple of swat teams, some parachuting police force, and hiding behind a dumpster for 3 minutes while they forget what they were doing.

21. throwing moltotoves at hobo's.

22. running with $600,000 and an arsenal of weapons including rocket propelled gernade launchers at cars pace.

Grand Theft Auto Side Effects...
by Grantmei August 09, 2010
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