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Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 was first released in late March 1999. This was the first follow on to the controversial PC game Grand Theft Auto. The controversy especially highlighted the violence in the game, due to it's violent nature of doing gang missions, dealing with drugs, car jacking, murder, killing police and generally being a menace to society.

The add-on pack Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 was not as popular as the original, due to several things. Firstly there was no improvement in graphics, it looked identical to Grand Theft Auto in terms of graphics. Secondly, the missions also were no improvement, it was the same type of missions which failed to make the game sell so well like the original did. And possibly due to some of the poor accents of the voice cast, contrasting extremely to the voice cast in San Andreas using actors such as Samuel L. Jackson for Officer Tenpenny.

Anyway, Grand Theft Auto London was set during the late 1960's hence the title London 1969 and although the radio stations gave the feel of this time era the missions and gameplay did not offer the same feel. Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 differed from the original in that it only had a single city, which was London. Whereas the original Grand Theft Auto had: Liberty City (Grand Theft Auto 3), Vice City (Grand Theft Auto Vice City), and San Andreas) Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The name in bracket's indicates what cities where made into which of the following GTA Games (Excluding GTA2).

It is very possible the next Grand Theft Auto game is going to be set within London. Although how it will be done is unsure as the other three 3 dimensional GTA games are set on an island, and as London is not an island is may present a problem, but not one Rockstar and Rockstar North can't sort out. Personally I believe that it is very possible the next Grand Theft Auto game is going to be set within London as the games has so far followed the trend of the cities from the previous Grand Theft Auto games.

The Grand Theft Auto series of games is quite possibly the best series of games every made... and ever will be, a sheer classic.
Your Brown Bread (Wasted)
You're Nicked (Busted)
by planetshaun June 21, 2005
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