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A small island located in the Bay of Fundy>New Brunswick, Canada where there are so few people that everyone knows each other, and nothing is a fact you are most likely never going to be able to have a private life because everyone is so busy sticking their nose in your business that they will have to call everyone they know to share their stories and cause a never-ending cycle of rumor-milling. If that's not enough to make you move there...just think- you could be paying way too much for produce, and it will be guaranteed to wilt or mold before you consume it...awesome!
In Grand Manan: If you stub your toe in North the time everyone in the Seal Cove Ghetto finds out--Your leg is supposedly broken, and you will have to be flown out.

If you go out on a date....You will probably be getting married soon>according to the whole island.
by yerg March 21, 2010
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