The Hardest Working Rock And Roll Band in The World. Music that dares your feet to stay still, Hence an incitement to Dance and Party The Night Away. An Infectious Series of Bass Notes that have been known to A) Enhance Listening Pleasure, B) Cause a person to scream at top of lungs "MEL, MEL, MEL", C) Destroy Stereo Speakers, D) All Of The Above.

CAUTION: May also cause frequent trips across America for Concert Series and Purchase ALL Albums on CD.
"We're Coming To Your Town, We'll Help To Party It Down, We're An American Band" - Grand Funk Railroad 1973 from "We're An American Band" album/cd
by PHOENIX March 26, 2005
Top Definition
The ultimate American band!
"Here's the group you've been waiting to hear! Grand Funk Railroad!!
by Major Pool March 22, 2005
The smell of real music,etc.
Something , smells like "Grand Funk" up in here.
by Det....Dean March 25, 2005
A prefix to a bullshit title, i.e. "Grand Funk Master," "Grand Funk Pimp-Daddy Extraordinaire," "Grand Funk Bandito," "Grand Funk Rajah," et cetera. One of those unnecessary flair phrases that has slipped into common parlance through the tender mercies of the teenagers in Eureka, California.
"Renee, the Grand Funk Champion of Music, thinks she knows everything about what sounds good! I'll show her! I'll put on some HOOBASTANK!"
by Renee January 29, 2004
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