This is a term used by hungry social sites users, who are not getting the tons of attention, they feel a sense of entitlement in receiving. It generally deals with those who want everyone to look at them, their posts, their photos, their everything and if they are not doing this, they will delete a large number of "so called" friends. It is like a put down for anyone that does not fit into their tiny, insignificant ego-land.
"About to do a grand delete... This should be interesting. Wonder how many people on my list don't even bother with me? I'm running a test to see who reads my posts. I realize that's about 20 (or less) of you. If you read this, leave me a one word comment about your day. Only one word please. Then copy and paste this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Don't just put a word and not copy"
by MeMyOwn February 20, 2014
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