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The Grand Canyon refers to a girl who is extremely blown out. The relevence of this term is that, just like the real Grand Canyon, the chick's vagina is forever stretched for for a huge distance. Girls with Grand Canyon twats should be avoided, as they have seen more than their fair share of dicks and probably contain numerous STDs.
Justin decided that he was going to have sex with his new girlfriend Megan, but when he took off her clothes he wisely decided to back out, due to her Grand Canyon vagina.
by Tit For Twat January 18, 2007
Big expandable pussy that can fit numerous dicks inside.
Stretched pussy
Lady: He is small
Man: Maybe the ball park was too big, even a 747 (jetplane) looks small in the Grand Canyon
by tl December 25, 2003
A steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in the State of Arizona.
Arizona is the Grand Canyon State.

The most breathtaking view you have ever seen!

by Arizona Local April 28, 2009
While having sex with a girl, grab a rolling pin or other large shaped object and ream her twat. once you pull the object out and her gash is gaping, yell into her twat lips "Hello" and wait for the echo.
Her gaping gash echoed like the Grand Canyon!
by DRJ12341234 October 13, 2011
The act of spreading a girl's ass cheeks or vaginal lips, then ejaculating at the top and watching the cum drip down the crack, mimicking the river that flows in the Grand Canyon.
She was begging me to cum on her, so I spread those cheeks and gave her the Grand Canyon.
by recklessxx November 15, 2011
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