Top Definition
A term used as bait for actual grammar nazis.
Me: "Sometimes I like to wind grammer natzis up just for the hell of it. Especially when I call them a grammer natzi. That works well."
Friend: "What a good cant".
by Lolly Scramble August 19, 2013
A Grammer Natzi is a natzi that decided to go on the path of Grammer, always correcting everyone including himself while harrasing you with his Grammer corrections.
Person: You'really such a Grammer Natzi.
Grammer Natzi: I know I am that's why I'm correcting you
Person: ugh, gt for.
Grammer Natiz: I'm always here, watching each word written, some say I'm a stalker while others say I'm a natiz, but I am proud of this..
by Yep,It'sMeTheGrammerNatzi August 04, 2016
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