Someone who cannot use grammar.
Tara Gilebsie-Author of My Immortal Harry Potter Fanfiction, who is Grammatically challenged
by Ginganinja February 20, 2012
Top Definition
A vast majority of the posters on Urban Dictionary.
i dropped out of school when i was four because that bitch teacher was keeping me down, just like the man. STICK IT TO THE MAN! NOW I ARE RACISTSEXIST! ^^ (Grammatically Challenged)
by Moikii September 03, 2007
grammatically challenged is sumting mean ppl tel u wen they wanna seem smrt. :(

big meanie (copypasted)- What the fuck is "rofflecopter"? You some kind of grammatically challenged twat?

Grammatically Challenged (me?) - wut?
by |< /\ -|- November 14, 2007

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