One who uses refined vocabulary, correct grammar, constantly finds themselves correcting grammar and spelling (in forums, chatrooms, tumblr, YouTube, etc.)

First, you have your mild GNs, they're much kinder and respectively tell you about your grammar/spelling that is incorrect.

Then there's your experienced GN, they're much harder on you and constantly browse through pages to reply to people who have terrible grammar and spelling form.

Finally, there's the hardcore GN, only they have earned the right to sPELL liKe thisss and still be refined, respected, not a asshat GN like most internet GN are. They usually reply with a simple correction and move on.
If people's verbal words could be seen like they were typed:
'omg your gay'
"What about my gay?"

randomanon101: lol that coment was so funny. your all so silly.
Grammar Nazi: *comment *you're
#grammar nazi #grammar #nazi #spelling #ng
by ~Nana~ April 01, 2013
Someone with both a greater standard of all aspects of grammar (than most people) and the willingness to uphold said standards in all that (s)he says and writes, including but not limited to speaking in casual conversation and typing on the internet. Grammar Nazis are not constrained to the internet.

Zealous Grammar Nazis are also known to correct the grammar of other people when they feel the need to, although the act of correcting grammar does not necessarily denote someone as a Grammar Nazi. Someone who indulges in pointlessly correcting people, particularly nitpicking trivial mistakes, is more often a Grammar Troll. That's something else entirely.

True members of the Grammar Nazi Party will politely correct other people in a manner that does not shame the recipient and is always of mistakes that either change the meaning of the statement or are apparent that the recipient is ignorant of. Misuse of the apostrophe in "it's" and "its" and the misuse of homophones, however, are often corrected even if they do not apply to aforementioned standards.

As it has been mentioned that Grammar Nazis are not constrained to the internet, it should also be noted that Grammar Nazis interact in all languages that have codified rules of grammar (i.e. all official world languages). Some fictional languages, such as Klingon (Star Trek) and the Ancient Language (The Inheritance Cycle) are also included.
We Grammar Nazis take our languages, and thus their grammars, very seriously.
#grammar #nazi #grammar troll #grammer nazi #grammar nazism #grammar libertarian
by tkdrocker806 December 26, 2014
Usually a pompous arrogent person who uses a screen name such as "sumfacts" or the like, and resorts to grammar correcting when losing a debate in an online forum.
Why are you always correcting everyones post are you the "grammar nazi"?
#grammer #spellcheck #spell #morons #nazi
by TwoSpirit August 20, 2007
Some troll on the internet who dislikes spelling mistakes and will correct anyone and everyone on their grammar in (usually) a rude manor. Nobody can escape the Grammar Nazi's, they're everywhere.
Person: Your so cool!
Person: You're such a fucking Grammar Nazi.
by Pokesmilez November 10, 2015
The only NORMAL person on the internet
Some random douche:James is being a grammar nazi!
Jame:How about you graduate 2nd Grade and we'll talk
by Grammar Nazi November 05, 2015
Someone who is obsessed with spelling things correctly. Using correct words. Obsessed with word choice, etc.
OMG. She is SUCH a Grammar Nazi!
#grammar #linguistic #diction #words #sentence structure
by Z. A. Rebel July 02, 2015
This word has a serious Catch-22 issue going on with it.
People who use it to admit that they aren't as interested in language skills as much as getting their opinion "out there".

But the people who are Grammar Nazis see themselves as having language skills and are frustrated at what they see as the lack of care shown by people who seem to lack language skills.
Language Skills.

It's necessary to have some language skills in order to convey a message, and for that message to be able to be understood by anybody who receives it.

It's up to the person who originates the message to make sure that the people who receive the message can understand it. If they don't make sure, does that mean they are sloppy?

If a person identifies problems without suggesting a way that the author might improve, does that mean the person is being obsessively picky?

It's up for debate.

But one thing is sure. The term "Grammar Nazi" is a massive hyperbole.

Persons who believe themselves to be linguistically superior and put the spotlight on mistakes are not comparable with Nazis. Think about it.

If you feel like calling a person a Grammar Nazi, sure... the person might be supercilious and arrogant. But at the same time you're being ignorant and oversensitive.

There is no shame in learning language skills. Even if it is more than 50 years since you were at school.
Hitler was not a Grammar Nazi. But he was a Nazi.
#literate #grammar cop #obsessive #illiterate #ignorant
by randyoldBasterd May 18, 2015
A person who finds it fun to correct the incorrect spelling and grammar of noobs and idiots.
Grammar Nazi: You're* Write*
Idiot: i hate you
Grammar Nazi: I hate you.*
#grammar nazi #correct #spelling #grammar #gramma
by KKWLBYE April 22, 2011
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