Grahammar - a play on the word Grammar

1) Terms or ideas that are biased, enigmatic and/or repetitive. Often pertaining to the Kansas Jayhawks.

2) Terms or ideas that relate to the city of Philadelphia, teams based in Philadelphia or that were based in Philadelphia at some point in the past, players who were born in Philadelphia, grew up in Philadelphia, played sports in Philadelphia, had a parent or family member who as born in, lived in or played sports in Philadelphia, visited Philadelphia on vacation or contain the sub-words "phil", "del" or "phia" in their name. Sometimes Brotherly Love or the Liberty Bell are implicated. The affected area is often extended to include central Pennsylvania and Penn State University and all players, past and present, as well as anyone that owns or has ever owned a Penn State t-shirt. In extreme cases, Pittsburgh is included but only when not involving one of the aforementioned regions.

3) Terms or ideas based in a fantasy world where Kansas and the greater Philadelphia area are central to everything sports related rendering all else secondary. Much like in days of yore when it was believed that earth was the center of the universe. Often accompanied by pom-pom waving.

also: Grahammatic, Grahammatical, Grahammatically

"Rock Chalk, Jay Hawk!"
"Pat the bat!"
"Hey look, it's Aaron Gray!"
"Nick Collison should have been selected first overall in 2003. He is averaging nearly nine points per game this season. LeBron James who?"

"I will take Kerry Collins for my fantasy football team."
"Are you sure? Peyton Manning is still on the board and word on the street is that Collins has started drinking again"

"Kerry Collins' Grahammar Quotient is so high that the entire Titans football team is now deemed worthy of attention on par with Kansas and Philadelphia."

Common response to Grahammatically Incorrect statements: "No! No! No!"
by Hooo-aaahh March 18, 2009
Top Definition
Coined by gangster philosophers F-Bomb and Kosher Boy, the word 'Grahammar' refers to a newly found study for higher education students.

With new 'gangsta' trends and the shift to a less-educated middle class, Kosher Boy looked for the causation. Thus, he created the study of 'Grahammar.'

The etymology of the word 'Grahammar' can be credited to the slower, yet still intelligent female member of the duo: F-Bomb. While not being able to out run the more experienced philosopher, Kosher Boy, she still added value to his theories as to why individuals spelled words wrong.

Now, after gaining national recognition, the two are working to spread the study of "Grahammar' internationally so America will look smart again.
"Hey, F-Bomb, let's to teach some grahammar today!" - Kosher Boy

"Kosher Boy, after teaching grahammar with you I finally realize that you're faster than I am and I'd like to apologize for my ignorance." - F-Bomb
by The Faster Guy November 01, 2009
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