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Similar to a cock tease, a grade tease is a teacher or lecturer (usually female) who appears to gain satisfaction and enjoyment in withholding the results of finished assignments until the last possible moment.

The grade tease will spend the day parading around the classroom or lecture theatre, informing students that she has their marks but not actually handing them out. After informing students that she has the marks, she then spends her time thinking of several menial and degrading educational tasks for her students, before finally handing out the marks.

The tease appears to get some sick satisfaction from the pain and stress that he/she is inflicting and throughout the course of the day asks questions such as 'how do you think you have done'? or makes statements such as 'some of you havent done as well as I expected'.
Teacher: So class I have your marked assignments here, but first I think we should read this case study on the Arabian Sand Industry

Student: That teacher is such a fucking grade tease, I dont even give a shit about this case study.

(The next few hours are then spent reading pointless case studies / texts whilst crapping your pants about the result of your assignment, resulting in a totally unproductive lecture or seminar)
by Northern1 March 21, 2011
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