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You have massive student loans and an apartment where the electrical and plumbing compete daily for the title of "utility most likely to fail catastrophically." You almost certainly don't own a car and probably don't drive. If you do own a car, it as at least 30% rust and you don't lock it because you know no one in their right mind would steal it. Nevertheless you own at least two of the following: an iPad, iPhone, this-generation netbook, nice leather satchel or silk scarf that you think makes you look sophisticated, you eat and drink out at least 5 times a week, and have opinions about restaurants you should not mathematically be able to afford. You are grad rich.
Look for anyone in their mid-20s on a university campus with a high-tech carrying case and shoes that they have clearly owned since high school. They are grad rich.
by Moiche January 14, 2011
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