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An intense game usually played by a male when trying to obtain a female counter part. The player can be either drunk or sober, while the female counter-part need be just unsuspecting. The girl is then grabbed, pulled, pinned, or danced on against her will, in attempt for the male to have intercourse. I.E Not something to be taken lightly.
Org: This game developed in the mid 2000s in American Fraternity systems, and has now expanded worldwide.
Person A: Yo Whacknutz, did you get your nut last night or what?
Person B: Nah man, That stuttering guy started playin grab girl with my bitch so I had to call a taxi and take her home.
Person A: Damn son, didn't he have about 16 touches last night?
by Sandooski February 10, 2009

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