A soft job that may not pay much, but has great bennies and little is expected. The incompetent are encouraged to apply.
I went to get license plates and waited 2 hours. Hurricane Katrina highlights the government job.
by Bubski July 15, 2008
Jobs done for other employees in a workplace without compensation to the company. Generally uses company equipment, time, and resources.
Arthur: Trillian and I are looking at places to get our wedding cake.
Ford: We make cakes here at the grocery store. I could make it for you guys.
Arthur: How much would that cost?
Ford: I'll just call it a government job.
by BlakeOPS February 20, 2005
A typical venue of legal employment, characterized by hourly wages, labor taxation, and usually a timeclock, as opposed to working under-the-table, straight commission, or illegally.
This heat's too much, 'cuz. When I get back maybe I'll just get me a government job somewhere and quit trappin' for at least a little minute.
by Charlie the legit hustle March 13, 2006

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