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situation in which someone sees or feels things that others can't. Those who can't feel or see those things think those who can are crazy or schitzophrenic, but they're not. they are telling the truth. just listen to them... there's a difference in their stories. there's a difference in their feelings.... also is spelled gothika
the movie Gothika was based around 2 people who knew things that others didn't and those other people thought they were cray and schizophrenic, but they weren't....
by NoN-XisteNt November 23, 2003
A super hot uber goth girl, the epitome of the goth scence. Femme Fatale. The Cat's Meow of the Goth Community.
Woah! Check out that Gothica she is something else.
by Elisa Altamira March 02, 2007