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A gothy baby bat that goes to the club either reading fantasy novels or is on their laptop braging about what the star trek ranking of their gold and white buttons on their trenchcoats stand for.
Oh you don't know what star trek captain rank I am by looking at these buttons well fuck you then I am back to reading my faggy ass novel that has no relevance to life!!!

There is a Gothic Geek in that corner lets go sit somewhere else he is too imperialistic for us.
by Brian Lee March 27, 2007

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A person who lives as a Goth and knows anything and everything computers. Real GothicGeeks do not necessarily watch, or even like Star Trek. A Gothicgeek is intelligent (hence the term gothicGEEK) and spiritual and always unique in every way. A true Gothicgeek is not a poser, and has their own unique style and way of doing things.
#1) Hey, I have a problem with my computer, do you know any gothicgeeks to help me fix it?

#2) Look at that gothicgeek, she is sexy and smart.
by schizobutterfly418 July 30, 2009