Who ever just wrote "only emos go to goth topic"; What? That doesn't even make sense. That's like saying only Democrats live in Texas. They are complete opposites.

Goths and Goth Topic suck, Why did they have to ruin Nightmare Before Christmas and Invader Zim for the rest of us, not to mention give a horible name to real Goths. Goths nowadays are cowaring pussies that stay home and cry, compared to the "real" Goths who defeated the Romans. The Gothic people did not defeat the Roman Empire by being afraid of the sunlight and wearing studded dog collars around their necks.
Goths and Goth Topic suck
by Rad_ August 21, 2005
Top Definition
A mocking term used when talking about Hot Topic due to the fact that Hot Topic is not goth, yet most people consider it so.
- I can't seem to find an Alien Sex Fiend shirt
- What? Are you saying that "Goth Topic" doesn't have real gothic stuff? I would have never guessed.
by Godslayer Jillian November 03, 2006
The Gap with black walls.
Hans: Günter, Oh my (GOTH)! Are you like totally sportin' the new blood bath gap shirt? That's goth topic (fabu)! 10 snaps girlfriend!
by BigHotScaryGermans September 09, 2005
A place where people shop that are deffinately not Goth and have no business doing anything near Hot Topic. This SHOULD be the version for the prep kids who try to shop there.
"Did you see that girl wearing Abercrombie and Fitch!"
"Pfft, yeah, she should go to Goth Topic."
by Aktuell March 14, 2005
Goth topic is a term used by preps and everyone else who has, for whatever personal reasons hate all those who do there own things. Any real goth who does it not for attention but because its what they feel like doing. This doesn't mean that goths dislike all non goths, just those who are preppy or gangster or any "clique" who act or dress that why, not because its who they want to be, but because its what they think other people will like. People can be preppy or gangster and still be doing what they want and be acceptable to goths. The poser goths do it for attention. I have yet to meet a goth who is actuually afraid of sunlight. And we dress how with what we think will look cool. And if a preppy person likes a shirt and decides to be happy wearing it, so what? Provided they don't hurt anyone else, everybody has a right to be happy.
Follower prep - stupid goth, u get those pants at goth topic? (Fellow preps snicker)
Goth - in fact I did.
Follower prep - well... your retarded!!!
Other likeminded prep - like LOL!!!
by N. kellogg January 07, 2007
A nickname for the store "Hot Topic" since everything in the store is black and gothy it's named goth topic.
Only emos go to Goth Topic.
by Woozie June 18, 2005
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