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A goth who happens to be male. (see also goth/gothic,goth)

A goth boy, (or as commonly spelled goth boi), is a male goth, who can usually be found associating with, and being teased by, goth girls, in the hopes of finding women with brains, as well as independent natures.

Not a Norm.
Norm: Look at that goth boi over there... isn't he creepy?

Incognito Goth Chick: Hey... he's reading Chaucer! Nice eyeliner job, too...
by Ardhail July 25, 2006
The gay or bi equivalent to a gothboy. Generally more feminine than a gothboy.
"Oooh, look at the gothboy over there! I wonder if he's single."

"Sorry, girl, that's a Goth Boi, he's definitely gay."
by Owlie February 04, 2007
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