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"Got Heem" is the brain child of iconic San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson. It is by his definition a "Battle Cry." Wilson goes on to explain "Got Him" lacks the proper emphasis to properly depict what has just happened, but "Got Heem" provides the proper emphasis necessary to describe anything.

Basically its when you're talking "a little fun trash" says the bearded one. You can add as many "e's" as necessary or change the case of the letter as well to describe the emphasis required.
"Papa is feeling pretty Delicious right now", you step in the batters box, go 3-4 with 8 RBI's "GoT HeeM."

3 balls, 1 strike, pitch right down the middle, swing and a miss "GoooT HeeeM."

Or when you're just talking trash, "Nice shoes Bro... actually they're terrible, GOT HEEM!"
by Squatchie October 18, 2011
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say martin lawrence was the first to say it in the movie Blue streak. (Actual transition~~GOT HIM) also used in super monkey ball
used at the end of the sentence after u burn someone.
"Where did you get those the toilet store. GOTHEEM!!"
by Frank Shops February 15, 2006

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