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An Expulsion of wind from .... your mouth when you blab about other beings when it has nothing to do with you and/or is none of your business.

A Gossip Queefer (n.) may engage in this activity with other beings, random beings, beings they don't know, and their "real" or "fake" briends (being-friends) - which I will soon add to Urban dictionary.
Girl being: "She was like..and he was like.. and this other girl did this..she's like such a..."

Boy Being: "You're Gossip Queefing all over the place and I, as a non-judgemental being, do not approve of your Gossip Queefing ways."
#gossip #gossiper #gossipist #gossip fuck #bullshit
by SnozberryCum July 03, 2012
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