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Goró is the diverse types of, beverege, generely in talks in
bares (botecos) from Brazil. When you wana drink for become drank.
You arrive in some buteco and ask:
You -Ei Zé, me dá um goró preu paga na segunda?
Zé -Vai tomá no cú porra, vc já deve faz 2 meses, vai bebe na casa do caraio seu arrombado!!!

U -Yo Zé, give me a goró, I pay you monday?
Zé -Go to hell, fuck, you owe me for 2 months, go drink in the house of dick you asshole!!!
by Carlito123oliveira April 07, 2008
The Best Mortal Kombat figher. 4 Arm half humn, half dragon I mean come on he is a straight up pimp. He was original a sub boss in MK1 and in MK4 but is playable in MK Trilogy and MK Decption.
Goro just kicked my ass on here again I QUIT!
by C-Lint July 09, 2005
A large, 4-armed humanoid with a hunger for human suffering. His ability (more like the aggressive implementation of his want) to vote as many times as possible was the cause of the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004. Many have banded together in the past in an attempt to stop him, but have always chickened out. I mean, who's going to even say something to him? He's fucking Goro for christ's sake!
Goro is selling gift-wrap to raise money for his high school class. I bought as much as I could afford, and he still trashed my yard.
by Spencer January 02, 2005
4-armed man-beast who has a weakness for being hit in the crotch. typically loves fried chicken. lazy
Goro got a big sack.
by Bradford Allen Smith August 17, 2003
A 4 Armed O.G
boy#1:Dat nigga Goro just btch slapped me 600 times in 6 seconds
boy#2:dat kid raw
by rawrizzz March 26, 2011
A heavy muscled and fierce looking dwarf.
A Holy Warrior.
Excellent melee fighting skills.
Excellent skills in curing wounds.
Excellent knowlegde of ore and metal.
A Master Blacksmith and Miner.
Tough as a rock.
Big mouth small heart.
Goros a character from the world of Everquest
Goros A character from the world of Warcraft
The strong allmighty Goros.
Beautiful female Erudite:"Who is that Godlike man?"
Another beautiful female:"Oh how could you not know? He is the majestic Goros!"

by Ben van de Kroost September 08, 2008
a word expressing a action that is usuly exiting
that was goro;that was a true goro
by bradly shreman May 30, 2005