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A gorilla clap is for those moments where regular clapping isn't enough; situations including (but not limited to):
- moments of outrage, disbelief, or inebriation
- joy or exuberance because of success

The act of gorilla clapping is when an individual uses their feet, instead of their hands, to clap: toes touching toes, heels touching heels. Best performed while sitting. Gorilla claps can be just as loud as normal claps--BE CAREFUL not to gorilla clap too hard because your soles may be weak. Light gorilla clapping, at first, is a good way to get yourself prepared for fierce gorilla clapping stamina.

(Should one also clap with their hands, while they are gorilla clapping, than the act remains a gorilla clap.)
Friend 1: Dude you totally cock blocked us last night at Club Venue.
Friend 2: Impossible, I remember the evening entirely.
Friend 1: You started gorilla clapping in the club and all the girls thought you were crazy and drunk.
Friend 2: Whoops, I should not gorilla clap in public.

*A grueling Mario Kart race ends with a decisive finish, the winner proceeds to gorilla clap and mocks the losers*
by dun dun dun dun--Code Red February 19, 2011
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