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A person that has the characteristics of a muffin, a goose and an idiot.
After an idiot act by Matt
Vincent: Matt you Goose Muffin!
by Wakkers May 26, 2010
Its a person that looks like a goose and admits that his penis looks like a muffin.
George bush is a Goose muffin
by carnage1138 November 23, 2010
The most beautiful creature in all the known and unknown universe. it's perfection can only be surpassed by it's offspring. Anyone lucky enough to love one will be eternally grateful for it's existance, and treasure it for the rest of their days. Currently only one known specimen in existance.
Kara is my Goosemuffin, I love her more than anything ever.
by poopmouthevan January 23, 2008
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