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Goose - Commonly referred to as the penis, a slang word for a males sexual organ. The Penis looks very much like a Goose Neck, hence the term Goose.

Giggleberries - Commonly referred to as the testis, aka bollox, a slang word for the sperm bags tucked under the hangin Goose Neck.

Goose and Giggleberries - A mans tackle, his pride and joy, his escape from normal life at the end of a hard days work, a piece of science that fascinates every man alive.
Goose and Giggleberries - A term used in American Pie (The first one, the one that was really funny) by Shit Break and Oz, used loosely to talk about being a virgin.

Also known as The Cock and Balls.

Stiffler: "I'm gonna hang out with my wang out and rock out with my cock out"
by DR GIGGLEBERRIES June 02, 2010

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