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A violent fart that lingers in the air for at least 5 minutes. Potent stench that flees into the air and stuns ones nostrils to the point of absolute extermination.
When Hulk Hogan body-slammed Andre the Giant, the fart that preceded to come out of the giant's rectum was forever known as the first Goose Bomb.
by GooseBombBrothers July 29, 2012
A goose bomb is the needle like projectile that commonly falls from a gooses ass, in a full flock during full V-formation. They are light as rain, or can weigh up to 10 lbs.
I had to dodge goose bombs while my friends were being torn apart by them, as the mother goose flew overhead. The schoolhouse where I saught shelter crumbled underneath the savage poo.
by Jackoff Smirnoff January 14, 2010
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