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One who has a horrific looking haircut and has no chance with the opposite sex.
Wow, Tim is such a goonberry, whoever cut his hair is retarded.
by Rader November 08, 2006
a straight up goon. catch phrases include: schwippidy schwap, schwaaaaap, murphy, or claaaank. goonberry's do not consume any variations of animal flesh. he also does not eat eggs because of their potent smell. he enjoys goonberry-muffins, taco bell, and brawl. he is prone to winning elections uncontested. he tends to schwapp people (generally children) in video and online games. research has indicated that he may be the leader of the Autobots.

synonyms include: bus-master, goonberry-master, and master-baiter.
did that guy just say 'schwippidy schwap?' what a goonberry!
by softlipsgrover March 28, 2011
Usually of the kappa kappa gamma variety. Often associate with lions. Many times goofy in nature. Respond to the call "Bayb".
"Oh that Haley is such a goonberry!"
by Jackapalooza September 12, 2011
Fruit snacks of any variety
Friend: Tha Fuck you got ta eat in this bitch nigga?!
Friend: I got some chips & a box of Goonberries
by Majin Kakkarot December 19, 2007
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