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A type of monster that lives under stairs in the basements of houses. They grab your legs and pull you back down whilst you run back upstairs.
The Googly Monster almost got me last time I went downtstairs.
by Poncherello August 08, 2006
A Cuban monster who lives under your bed or stairs. The monster likes to wait for children, then he proceeds to grab the child and have his way with him/her. After the whole situation he smokes a blunt, tells the kid to cheer up and leaves to the next child's house.

The life cycle of a Googly starts with birth, they are asexual. After 12 years he gets his first prey to which he lays his eggs in while he has his way. After a 7 month incubation the parent either splits into 2 or his eggs eat away the child like a parasite.

The only way to stop a Googly is to call the cops, due to his Hispanic look the cops most likely will shoot him instead of arresting him.
Mark got attacked by a Googlymonster last night. He should have called the cops.
by gideonpHalen August 25, 2014
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