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A game where you type a random rude/obscure/weird or scary word into Google and click 'I'm Feeling Lucky' and then you report back to your friends with the contents of the website. Each game consists of three rounds with each player having three turns per round. Each game is the best out of 3.
1)No swear words
2)Cant be a name of a person
3)If the player clicks 'Google Search' instead of 'I'm feeling lucky' gets disqualified for cheating.
4)If a player squeals on another player (i.e to the teacher/class hardcore nerd) they are banned from that game alone and will have a record of being a squeal.

Scoring system:
1)When at school/work, its the player who came up with the word for the person who got into the most trouble (detention, kicked off the computer, etc.) wins that round.
2)The person who gets the most laughs from the spectators or other players wins that round (unless a player gets told off by the teacher which is trumps the most laughs)
Player 1: Yo Leroy, wanna play Google Roulette?
Player 2: Ok then shit for brains
by TheBigCheeseyNipple November 20, 2009
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