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A girl who will not let you finish a sentence without making a suggestion.
Yo man I could not get my sister to shut up she's becoming such a Google girl.
by Professor Zhang October 27, 2015
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Someone who uses pictures off of google images to represent themselves on the internet
OMG, NO!! She's just another GOOGLE GIRL, I found her image, under emo hair. She's a fake scene girl!
by Mark ;o August 21, 2008
The superhero (usually female) who can answer any question posed by referring to google.
Me--Crap who is that actor who played Snape?
Google Girl--*tap tap tap tap tap* It is Alan Rickman....
Thanks Google Girl!!!!
by Google girls Mom November 27, 2011
A girl who pays to be at the top of your list. A girl who pays per hit.
I just shelled out mad cash on that googlegirl and got a she paid me back in triple traffic.
by thelesbianfromct February 28, 2008

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