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The process of shattering misguided/idiotic ideas and thoughts by using the all-powerful, all-knowing Google search.
Ann: I'm gonna name my garage band.... hm.... Mute Math.
*She Google searches "Mute Math"*
Ann: OH NO! Some other band has it!

by PokeHerface March 13, 2009
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May 14, 2009 - The day that Google failed. All of google's services slowed down to an incredibly slow speed, while some like Gmail and Google Maps were completely unaccessible. While most issues were resolved by noon EST, such an epic fail on google's part has not been recorded in recent history.
Dude 1: Hey man i'm trying to check my gmail and it won't load
Dude 2: wtf?! im trying to get directions to that sushi place and google maps won't load
Dude 3: i just tried searching something on google and it took 15 minutes to load...
Dude 1: could it be?
Dude 2: i think so...
Dude 1,2 and 3: googlefail!
by veedawg May 14, 2009
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