1) A general term for the various monsters, gargoyles, ghosts, boogeymen, etc. that small children have nightmares over
2) A hideously ugly woman
1) Don’t worry dear. I’ll lock the closet door so the Googans can’t get you.
2) Holy shit dude! Did you see the Googan that Mark shagged last night? She was like the Elephant Woman.
by Ernie's football-shaped head July 08, 2005
What's a googan now? Whats a googan'gain? Simply put a Googan is an alien dancing in the rain. Peace Out.
I saw that googan the other day. Freaky deaky shit.
by Haywood U. Blowme November 26, 2004
A gluegun. A nickname. An awsome word. A cross between a hamster and a cheeseburger. Not a stupid person. GOOGAN!!!
by GooganNurcles April 14, 2009
it meen glue gun and it is reallly kwl word :L
by nurclesgoogan April 14, 2009

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