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When your balls are so sweaty they feel like they are melting into your leg
My balls feel like gooey butter cake right now from this car ride
by Gooeyness May 19, 2015
When a male ejaculates in a female's vagina, then she crawls on top of him and squeezes out the fluid on his stomach and rubs it in with her vagina.
This afternoon after Harry and I had sex, I gave him a gooey butter cake.
by Trashy goddess July 25, 2011
the act of the male ginger cumming into the female gingers mouth. she then proceeds to make out with him and transfer the cum load into his mouth, which he then swallows.
matt-"Did you hear about george's latest fetish?

mike-"Yeah mayne, he loves it when casey gooey butter cakes the shit out of him."
by buttnakedwonda November 10, 2009
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