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British army slang for killing the enemy, or the method/instrument used or to be used to kill the enemy.
'We'll breach a hole in the bunker and 6 platoon will go in and deliver the Good News.'
'The air support will be delivering the good news in a 2 minutes'
by Quixlo October 20, 2008
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Used to indicate quality or satisfaction with something.
"Man, that meat pie was good news."
by John Citizen of America March 29, 2010
Pot-smokers might use the term "good news" to hide the fact that they are talking about weed in public.
"You hear about any good news lately?"


"Hey man you got any good news?
by jazzersizer69er_89 April 13, 2013
Hit someone in the head with an inanimate object from behind rendering them unconscious.
I gave that dude the 'good-news’ with an axe handle and he went out like a light.
by eodstu August 27, 2007
Alias used by a player in game who happens to be really fucking cool.
frequents the games infantry,AAO,UT2k4 and Cod
also reps the NJG
goodnews was whippin your ass last night you guys
by goodnews February 25, 2004

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