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Overly used phrase......especially on the isle of anglesey that is a compliment given for an achievement of some sort.
All the way? Really?!!! Good Man!
by Smairey July 23, 2003
No matter what you do, no matter wherever you do it, no matter how you do it, it is done like a fucking boss.
Holy fuck man, that guy is a goodman

by thatboybaked November 28, 2011
Plays in the rain, ingnores the pain, keeps, you sane, and doesn't worry about fame. He'll rub you back while you clean his socks. Not the man that gives you his dick in a box. You'll see his eyes you'll feel his stare. Just to know real love is there. Threw the bad and the good he'll walk you threw. Money doesn't by love on the fake tree it grew. He doesn't promise wine or treat you like a slezzy dime.
I am in love with a good man!

He's a good man

Wow did you see the way J.E.F. kisses her. You can see he loves her and is a good man.
by FckTh3d3alerisAsh!tG@me January 13, 2010
To put it simply, A Goodman is to destroy an object beyond any recognition. To so badly own and harmfully crush resistance to the point that the victim's own mother would not recognize him/her. The person who commits a Goodman is entitled to unbridled respect, shock, and awe, because of their prowess in all walks of life.


"Yo...Man... Kimbo Slice is the master of pulling a Goodman".

"Hey, did you hear? Jim's dog got hit by a tractor-trailer, then run over by a 16-wheeler, and crushed under a collapsing it suffered through one hell of a Goodman"
by Whatsgood May 27, 2008
An individual who claims to be dominant in most activities however is extremely average in all cases.
Im the best here at fifa.

Stop being a goodman.
by P daddy diddy May 05, 2010
A autistic ginger kid. Teachers will let him do more stuff than other kids because they feel bad for him.
6 hour is a Goodman war zone.
by ...::Mike Hunt::... December 21, 2010
An individula who claims to own several fantastic objects but in fact they all belong to his father
Look at my new porsche!!!

Shut up you mug its your dads, your such a goodman

Ive earnt over two grand on ebay selling my fathers things

Well then its your fathers two grand then isnt it you goodman

Look at my expensive watch

Its your dads twat, stop being such a goodman
by P daddy diddy May 06, 2010
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