The shittest band in history, used to be good but sold out, crap like "Boys and Girls" and i "just Wanna Live" just prooves how much the band sucks ass
Person1: u like good good charlotte?
Person2: yea there mad
Person1; u emo ass licking bitch, DIE!!!
by MrPoopinCool August 05, 2005
A band that likes to go with whatever is popular. They used to try to be punk, and now you see them all glaring at you from under side bangs
Some nerd: Wow! Good Charlotte is so totally cool! First they were so rebellious hating rich people and sing about not wanting to be like everyone else, but now they are so in touch with there emotions! How cool!
by How_Tragic October 01, 2005
A Pseudo-punk band that wouldn't know punk if a truck carrying Offspring, Bad Religion or Ramones discs ran them over going 85mph on the interstate.
Good Charlotte is ©2002-End of Time by MTV.
by Brisk August 06, 2005
Good Charlotte. Evil band. Whiney "punk" band...well they call themselves punk. Band consists of Joel,Benji,Chris,and Billy...their songs are made up of simple music and even more simple lyrics. Usually listened to by nonconformist conformists who shop at Hot-Topic but still bitch about large corporations ruining their perfect anarchist life.
Shit...pure and total shit...listen to the Sex Pistols or The Clash instead.
by Sgt. Pepper August 06, 2005
Notice how everyone on this who has said they like good charlotte all said it was because they were "hot".......well there you go everybody........there's proof that good charlotte is only well known because of there image, not unlike n'sync, backstreet boys, and all of that pop bullshit.......they have zero talent and people(10-year old girls) like them because they think they are "rebelling" against all that pop stuff, when in reality that's exactly what they are doing. If you like music with no talent with some bullshit hook and lyrics that have absolutley no meaning at all, then go grab a good charlotte record........and while you're at it why don't you go pick up about 100 black plastic bracelets, some eyeliner and go write in your journal about how you hate all these "n'sync girls" and say to yourself how you would never buy into that and how you would never go's so pathetic.............and pretty much everyone who listens to them always talks about how much they hate president bush, just because that's what greenday and yellowcard and all those other shit bands i'm not saying that i agree with bush and his actions.....don't get me wrong, but these whiny little pre-teens don't know anything about it, they just talk about it because it's "the cool thing to do"......i hate this pop advice: listen to some good music, for example deftones, sevendust, nonpoint
(girl in 1998): I love n'sync!!!
(same girl in 2005): I love good charlotte!!!!...........wait, what's this!!!.......oh my god......they're the same people!!!!
by Dusty Jenkins August 05, 2005
1. A melodramatic group of legal "adults" (The term "adults" is applied loosely) with a pedophile for a lead whiner who, three gold albums and a couple million dollars later, are still trying to pass their lives off as harsh and uncaring. Utilizing events that supposedly happened ten years ago (in the upper middle class suburbs while being popular football and baseball jocks and being elected prom king) that "real" people, as they want to pass themselves off as "real", would have gotten over by now. "Composing" (Another term applied loosely) "songs" (The last loosely applied term) about relationships with the opposite sex that never happened, but it's always fun to bitch about how you don't get women when fourteen year old cheerleaders wet themselves everytime they type "o,MaH,gAwD,i,WuD,hAv,JoElZ,bAbI,gUd,ShArLoTe,RoX,pUnXz,WtFoMGlOlRoFlMaO1!1!" in their myspace and, sadly enough, would given the opportunity.

2. A group that uses their Dad as an excuse for making shitty music.
1. "I was never popular,
Unless you count being on the baseball team,
and being elected prom king,
Live sucked,
unless you count the fact that I lived in a well-to-do suburb,
Girls have cooties,
except the ones that laid me the other night,
it turns out that they just have VD."

2. The reason we suck so bad is because our dad left us to fend for ourselves, two years before we graduated.
by FTHECC August 22, 2005
A highly contagious band that is taking over high schools, usually rulled by fucking jocks, put together by the major record labels to generate money for them as well as shows like MTV, "music television", ironically they never play music, but they do play Pimp my Ride, a show about cars, and Room Raiders, a fucking crappy lame ass of a show.
#2: A band MTV focusses on as being the #1 punk band ever, but in reality TRUE PUNK, a revolt against the government, is being destroyed because these fucking sell outs are lying and selling punk off as an image not an idea or lifestyle.
#3: A band whose whole album's song sounds the same.
#4: A band who claims to be punk, but in reality, the Dixie Chicks and the Dave Matthew's Band are more punk than them...hahahaha what a bunch of losers
False Punk: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance

Mainstream bands that aren't punk, but who are politically active making their actions punk: Coldplay, Dixie Chicks, Dave Matthew's Band, U2, etc.-all I can think of at the moment.

True Punks: Anti-Flag, The Dead Kennedy's, Greenday, etc.

One of my dumbass stories if you like I can make more:
person 1: "Check it out it's the new kid."
Person 2: "Dude aren't his parents like extreme Christian people?"
Person 1: "Yeah, they are I saw them at church."
Person 2: "Dude, you go to church?"
Person 1: "Look my mom made me okay...HOLY SHEIT look at the new kid fuck the ice cream man's golden retriever.
by :=(#) August 13, 2005

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