They are a band. Learn to live with it.

I'm so sick of people on here bitching about how bad they think GC is. Everyone has there own god damn mother fucking tastes. EVERY SINGLE band in this world has their lovers and their haters. It's the same for just about EVERYTHING this fucked up world is made up of.

If you don't like their music, that's ok, there's alot of people that hate the music you listen to, too, just don't be an immature fucker and bitch about it. JUST DON'T BOTHER WITH IT! Every band EVER has people who want them to die and others that worship the ground they walk on.

You can love Good Charlotte, or you can hate them. It honestly shouldn't matter to true fans what others think about them. But holy fucking shit you god damn haters gotta get the fuck over that people like them! There are true fans of this band.

There's always people out there that have shit to say about bands they don't like. Stop trying to make yourself feel "hardcore" just because you listen to something that in your opinion, is better. You might listen to metal, whatever, that's your thing. Don't be ignorant about it thinking your better. Nobody is the same, OK?! LIVE WITH IT!

I love them, is that such a big deal, or are you all just making this out to be something more than it needs to be?

You decide.
Mark: I can't believe people still listen to Good Charlotte, they suck!

Johnny: I like Good Charlotte. Is that such a big deal?

Mark: Dude, are your ears like dead or something??

Johnny: I could say the same about that gay shit ass rap you listen to, but I'm not a jackass like you. It's your god damn opinion. I don't care if you don't like them. Just don't be a dumbass about it.
by xXSmexy DuckieXx March 21, 2007
.Adjective to describe self-declared 'artists' that wrecked the miniute chance of decent prosperty they had by emoing their way to the dark side that is commercialism and materialism
GC: Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, they're always complaining

Me: Didn't you demand Mcdonalds delivered food to you because youre 'celebrities'?

GC: We're going to write a song about how ignorant you are

Me: fuckheads...
by kimmy booth June 12, 2005
The Gayest Fucking band in existence. headed by a castrated White guy who thinks he's black.
Person 2: (beats the holy fuck out of guy 1)
by AlbertG June 14, 2005
A once awesome band that got a lot of MD high school kids through some tough times only to sell their souls to the MTV devil, thus destroying the hope they had given to so many loyal fans. Now adored by hundreds of 12 year old girls who get insanely pissy whenever someone accuses GC of selling out and yet have never heard their first album and have no idea what the band used to be.
On the east coast we ride until the day we die...dirty liars.
by NJM May 31, 2005
A good band that has been given a bad stereotype. They're not emo, they're not wannabes, and they're not in in for the money (which you would know if you were broad minded enough to find out about them).
They make music, people who like their music listen to it, and people who don't try and find as many ways as possible to insult them. GET OVER YOURSELVES.
Maybe you like them, maybe not, but truth is they do not whine about their life sucking like some other bands, their music (whatever genre it is) appeals to loads of people, and in the end, they will probably have a lot more people that like them than you haters do.
person 1: "wow, have you heard Like It's Her birthday by Good Charlotte? It awesome!"
person 2: "you like Good Charlotte? OMG FREAK."

me: "shut up and get on with your life, cause guess what? NO ONE CARES, AND THEY'RE MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOU'LL EVER BE."
by XsunnyX March 07, 2011
Started out as a typical pop-'punk' band, playing songs about girls and "not fitting in". Soon, however, they took a cue from MTV and mainstream society, and became the same as everyone else. You say "Don't bash them for living their dream." I'm not. I'm "bashing" (Or, as I call it, being realistic) them for completely selling out for MTV and mainstream society.
Eyeliner. Trendy clothing. Horrible, plastic, processed music.

First, Good Charlotte makes your typical pop-'punk' anthems.
Then, a diffrent style of music becomes popular, so they make that type instead.
by Hitman_0789 January 26, 2007
Lame band(Need I say more?)
Random person listening to their music: Wow... this Good Charlotte... They really suck.
by MangoPunchStand!!! January 19, 2006
how can you call these motherfuckers "punks" the only goddamn reason why they are even called "pop punk" is because they play insturments, if you gave their guitars bass and drums to the backstrret boys they would be called a fucking "pop punk band", and they would be the boy band. Same goes for fallout boy and simple plan....which by the way is a disgrace to canada
there are actual punk bands from canada such as D.O.A. and pantychrist....and so on...
as ed the sock said " their just the back street boys with eyeliner"!!!!!
little rich kids thinking their life sucks just because daddy won't let them have a porsh!!!! so they listen to good charlotte to feel rebeles
fuck the media and their lies
by Rebecca and Lexus August 21, 2006

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