Goochzilla (pronounced "Gooch-zira" in Japanese) was just a gooch known as a Goochasaurus, When the Americans attacked Lagos Island in 1944 the goochasaurus was arroused and attacked the noisey american soldiers. The Japanesse thought that the goochasaurus was protecting them. Later a nuclear test was held, transforming the goochasaurus into a giant reptillian gooch monster that towered over many buildings and trees. Soon he gained the ability to breathe fire or fromunder cheese.
Person 1: WTF smells like nut butter?
Person 2: Your mom opened her mouth to speak. She's got some goochzilla breath.
by hellokittyxoxo June 17, 2009
Top Definition
A term used to describe people who do nothing but good.
Boy 1:"what a goody goody, she thinks she is perfetct.

Girl 1:"ya what a goochzilla"
by Fatguyrunning41 June 19, 2011
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